Membership Information

Membership in the Temple is encouraged to provide you an opportunity to participate in major decisions and to jointly create an excellent place of worship and spiritual learning for current and future generations.

Becoming a temple member, not only supports daily functioning of the temple, but also provides membership benefits as mentioned below. Members have voting rights for key temple decisions. Once you become member for temple in this year, you will receive the following benefits:
- Once a year, Free Participation in one of monthly Samuhika Satyanarayana Pooja
- Archana for all family members on their birthdays, please complete this online form to submit details for Archana.
Members get priority requesting for priest services, if date/time conflicts with non-members
- One free Fire Crackers packet during Diwali
- One free temple Calendar
- One free Likhita Japa Book

Currently, there are three levels of membership:

(1) Full Member of the HSNC (Tax deductible annual fee of $150.00)

(2) Individual Members (annual fee of $75.00)

Student Member of the HSNC (annual fee of $25.00)

To become a new member or renew your membership, please fill out the above online for or this Membership paper form, sign it and mail it or bring it to the temple together with a check for the appropriate level of membership.